Career Planning

Better planning, lesser career worries

Common concerns among talents who need career planning?

1.What kind of person you are? Are you good for nothing as told?

2.What are your key strengths?

3.Which area can make the best of your?

4.What kind of industry and position suits you the best?

5.Why do you always find it difficult to get along with your superiors? What kind of superior is right for you?

6.Why you are not the one getting promoted?

7. What if you are the next one to be laid off?

8.How to choose among several offers?

One-on-one counselling on career

planning is here for you

1.Identify the key point covered by all the career confusions.

2.Learn your strengths and blind spots based on your natural advantages analysis.

3. Sort out your major career path through your resumes.

4. Make your breakthrough in the workplace based on your natural advantages and career path.

5.Develop an implementation plan and follow up.

6.Review your career planning and answer your doubts in a month.

Services and Charges
One-to-one counselling helps you solve career problems
Service One Single Counselling Case-based Counselling- Basic Case-based Counselling - Advanced
60 minutes
(phone, video, or offline)
Once Twice 3 times
Evaluate your strengths
Sort out your career status
Analyze problems
Provide guidance and advice
Personalized implementation plan
Implementation follow-up
Service validity period 30 days 45 days 60 days
Charges RMB 698 RMB 1,298 RMB 1,598
Delivery Process

Demand communication

Service plan selection


Counseling service offered

Expert appointment

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We are here for you, be your age, life stage or career status.
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