Global Talent Acquisition

Assist Chinese companies to acquire and manage international talents in their globalization through comprehensive services including talent mapping, recruitment, assessment, and management, as well as overseas talent introduction workstation.

In recent years, China's economy has maintained a steady growth and its development model has become increasingly mature and open. Today, a growing number of Chinese companies with immense business development potential and vitality rank among the global Fortune 500.  With a steady rise in China's investments overseas, more and more Chinese companies are going global, which has spurred an increasing demand for talent overseas. In terms of fields, talent in infrastructure, finance, manufacturing, and internet-related industry are the most sought after. While with respect to job profiles, there is limited availability of senior management executives, marketing executives, project managers, investment and financing experts, and financial managers who can speak Chinese and are local resources. Chineses companies usually fill such openings by hiring expatriates and through local recruitment.

Major TA challenges facing enterprises in their globalization——

More complicated environment: cross nations, cultures, industries, regions... companies need to acquire talents in an entirely new environment;

More changes: changing business strategy results in frequent adjustment to organizational capability and personnel requirement;

Fiercer competition: multinational companies face a direct competition for outstanding talents from established brands worldwide;

More difficult to attract: the means and practice of talent acquisition varies widely in different cultural contexts, and how to effectively recruit, manage and retain quality talents has become the primary issue for Chinese companies going global.

Major concerns of global talents joining Chinese enterprises——

Local talent introduction policy, living cost, habitability, medical resources, education resources, etc. in the city where the prospective employer is based;

Corporate culture, financial strength, business prospects... of the prospective employer;

Payment of social insurance, home leaves, and public security situation of the local city as an expatriate overseas;

Cultural differences, risks brought by changing international relations of joining the overseas branch of Chinese company.

Total Solutions

We extensively work with Chineses enterprises to address their talent recuritment and management challenges in implemeting their globalization strategies.

  • Overseas Talent Mapping

    Overseas Talent Mapping
    Analysis of local politics, economy, history, culture, religion, etc.
    Familiarity with local labor laws and regulations
    Analysis of talent supply and demand
  • Overseas Talent Acquisition Strategy

    Overseas Talent Acquisition Strategy
    Short/long-term talent planning
    Recruitment channel selection
    Recruitment strategy development
  • Overseas Talent Recruitment

    Overseas Talent Recruitment
    Executive search
    Recruitment process outsourcing
    Recruitment fair
  • Overseas Talent C&B Design

    Overseas Talent C&B Design
    Compensation and performance consulting
    Pragmatic compensation system development
  • Overseas Talent Assessment and Background Checking

    Overseas Talent Assessment and Background Checking
    CV analysis
    Psychological test
    Online/offline written examination
    Structured/unstructured interview
  • Overseas Talent Employment and Management

    Overseas Talent Employment and Management
    Job outsourcing
    Business process outsourcing

Service Scenario

Planning Stage

Research & Consulting
Talent mapping

Analyse talent existence, mobility, motivation, and cost, as well as competitors in the local market.

Talent acquisition strategy

Provide client with short/long-term talent planning, and advice on recruitment strategy, model, system, process, and standard.

Talent C&B design

Provide consulting on talent C&B design, to develop a compensation system tailored to local circumstances.

Channel analysis and integration

Analyze, select, and integrate multiple recruitment channels for clients.

Local Team Development

Talent Attraction and Placement
International executive search

Senior consultants with overseas background provide professional support to enterprises on job modeling, talent profiles, etc., and source talents in specialized areas, thereby achieving high-quality and efficient delivery.

Multi-channel management

Integrate and coordinate internal and external online/offline channels, including existing talent pool, referrals, active recruitment, headhunting, as well as Career International’s partner ecosystem.

Employer branding and enhancement

RPO boasts build-in advantages for employer branding. Its total process and channel management helps communicate the client’s employer brand through the recruitment process, to enhance their brand influence in overseas markets.

Added value

Provide clients with local talent market information such as compensation data, benefits reports, industry insights, etc. Share expertise and advanced concepts acquired in serving leading brands for over a decade, with more Chinese enterprises.

Talent Employment and Management

Talent Employment and Management
Employee recruitment

White-collar office workers, IT, pharma R&D, retail terminals, blue-collar factory workers…

Employee management

Contract signing, salary/social security payment, attendance check, employee relations…

Labor risk management

Employee replacement and resignation, labor disputes, work injury declarations…to minimize business risks.

KPI achievement

Support client in achieving and improving business KPIs in terms of both quality and quantity.

Service Process

  • Communicate

    1 Clarify job requirements

    Confirm talent profile and JD

    Develop recruitment plan
  • Search

    2 Reach target candidate quickly

    Promote job ads via multiple channels

    Source for talent in database and through other means
  • Select & Evaluate

    3 Evaluate candidate via phone/personal talk

    Select candidate and background check

    Submit candidate recommendation report
  • Interview

    4 Assist client in interview arrangement

    Feedback and set next interview appointment

    Background check for the final list
  • Onboard& Follow-up

    5 Salary negotiation

    Assist in onboarding

    Follow up post onboarding

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Career International has consistently expanded its overseas business footprints by opening branches and through M&As. It now has 300+ employees working in offices across countries and regions including HK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, the US and the Netherlands. We boast an active international talent database of more than 500,000 people, and strong talent acquisition capacity that helps Chinese and foreign companies win the global talent competition.


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