Flexible Staffing

We provide flexible staffing services to cater to fluctuating human resource needs of enterprises due to peak and slack seasons, new project launches, maternity leave substitutes, tight headcount, etc. Flexible staffing can increase organizational flexibility while reducing employment risks and costs. As a pioneer in flexible staffing in China since 2006, we have set a benchmark in the industry and are a model in terms of legal compliance.


The need to revolutionize rigid traditional employment practices

At present, many large organizations aim to become more agile, which requires a more flexible organizational structure, employment practices, and talent placement. The traditional employment model can no longer meet the new business strategy and development needs.

Inability to maintain talent acquisition and management quality in different scenarios

New projects and seasonal business demand generate temporary positions that need to be filled promptly while matching the competency levels; businesses in a rapid growth phase require a large talent pool; temporary substitutes are needed for staff on maternity/paternity leave or for those who are on long-term leave due to illness; inefficient traditional human resources management and repetitive administration tasks reduce efficiency.

High employment costs and management risks

An in-house recruitment team along with the investments in personnel management, training, accommodation, etc., pushes up labor costs, while employee turnover, labor disputes, work-related injury or any other accidents may increase risks for enterprises including risk of economic loss, administrative penalty, or even civil/criminal liability, and affect the enterprise’s normal operations.


A suite of flexible staffing services covering talent placement, employee management, and employment risk control

Talent Placement

Candidate sourcing & recommendation

Interview arrangement

Tailored job fair organization

Salary negotiations and offer

Employee Management

Labor contracting and management

Wages and social insurance payment

Daily work & staff attendance management

Employee relationship management

Employment Risk Control

Staff replacement

Retirement procedure management

Labor safety and work injury declaration

A diverse talent pool covering senior consulting experts, front-line employees, part-time workers, and students

Enable customers to increase organizational agility while reducing employment risks and costs with flexible staffing services

Flexible service model empowers flexible business development

We offer tailored talent solutions that cater to client’s varied business needs without affecting the client’s headcount or compensation level restrictions. The solutions cover supplementary employment, temporary employment, and other special employment needs for different scenarios.

Powerful resource advantages and recruitment capabilities

We boast a high-quality talent database with over 10 million candidates, have active candidate communities that are open to flexi work, and handle 500+ large hiring projects every year. We also possess an Internet + Flexible Staffing platform. With 2 million enterprises and 5 million job seekers on our platform, we can ensure smart matching of jobs and candidates, and arrange interviews in 24 hours at the soonest and on-boarding within a week.

Effective outsourcing staff management

We offer complete outsourcing staff management. Leveraging our technology prowess, we can manage employee information, attendance, salary calculation and payment, social insurance and provident fund, individual income tax returns, and other HR affairs intelligently, and can provide a self-help management system for employees.

High compliance with low employment costs and risks

We minimize the risks for enterprises by taking full responsibility ranging from personnel turnover, labor disputes, to work-related injuries, and so on. As a listed company, we have high compliance requirements, and have a professional legal support center and a specialized project management team.

Support to KPI achievement

We can assist clients in achieving and even exceeding their business KPIs in terms of both quantity and quality.



Over 3,300 experienced consultants and technical personnel in 110+ global offices offering talent services to our customers

Preferred partner of 6,200 clients including MNCs, fast-growing Chinese firms, state-owned enterprises, government agencies and NPOs

Professional and efficient services to clients with dedication to over 20 industries and niche fields, with 300+ profit centers

Recommended a total of 35,000 mid to senior-level managerial and technical candidates to clients.

Career International Talent Trends & Salary Guide 2022

Career International Talent Trends & Salary Guide 2022

Launched in the 10th consecutive year by Career International, the survey has analyzed the salary data of 5,300+ employers (36% MNCs, 50% fast-growing private firms and 14% central state-owned enterprises/SOEs/government agencies/NPOs), and 1000,000 candidates of middle and senior-level management and professionals in our talent pool. Also, with 80 days of persistent efforts, the report has incorporated opinions of 80-plus veteran consultants with hands-on experience in varying industries and sectors. Among the most comprehensive surveys in the field, it sheds light on talent acquisition and compensation trends in over 3,500 mid-to-senior level management and specialized positions across 19 hot industries and functions, 76 niche areas, 7 most promising and dynamic city clusters, and 3 overseas markets.


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