As the leading complete technology-driven talent solution provider, Career International is the first HR service enterprise listed in China’s A-shares market (300662.SZ). We have more than 3,300 experienced consultants and technical personnel, working in 110+ offices across China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Australia and the Netherlands. With a unique business model of “HR Service + HR Tech + Platform”, the company provides an array of talent solutions covering executive search, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), flexible staffing, HR consulting, talent training and development, as well as smart payroll services to clients in 20+ niche fields and industries. We are also committed to developing one-stop HR SaaS products, specialized hiring portals, partner platform for human resources agency and talent brain platform. We support enterprises in their talent acquisition and business advancement, empower regional employment, and build talent pipeline for industries. Over the last year, up to 16,000 firms used CI’s SaaS and platform, and nearly 6,200 customers contributed to the company’s annual business performance, with more than 73,000 positions successfully closed. Besides, we recommended a total of 35,000 mid-to-senior managerial and technical candidates to clients, assigned temporary workers to more than 311,750 jobs, and gathered close to 6,500 eco partners.

110+ offices spread across China and the rest of the world, supporting customers’ localization and internationalization strategies.


26 years of stable growth in new markets and products, tailored to diverse customer needs.





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Total Solutions

Support client’s talent acquisition and business advancement, and empower regional employment, with “HR Tech + Platform + Service” business model.

Total Solutions
  • Executive Search

    Customized talent solution to hire mid-senior level professionals and executives that best match client needs.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    Provide both complete and process based RPO services, to enhance recruitment strategies, optimize hiring processes, and ensure quality recruits for clients.
  • Flexible Staffing

    Offer temporary and permanent flexible staffing and BPO to help clients control talent shortages caused by fluctuating hiring demand, new projects, temporary staff replacement or a limited headcount.
  • HR Planning and Consulting

    Conduct research on talent, organization, payroll, business and recruitment management for companies, and offer feasibility analysis for clients’ talent and business strategies.
  • HR Training and Development

    Offer comprehensive HR training and counselling to enhance clients’ overall leadership and recruitment capability.
  • Campus Recruitment & Employer Brand

    Provide result-oriented, on-campus talent sourcing, organize recruitment events, and enhance employer branding.
  • Salary and Tax Service

    Provide one-stop payroll and tax solutions to businesses, including compensation system design, special expense deduction, cost analysis, salary calculation, individual income tax filing, and training and consultation.

HR SaaS platform integrating attendance check, payroll and tax services, to realize digital transformation of human resources for enterprises.

Vertical Recruitment Platform

The vertical recruitment platforms in big health,retail and digital technology boast high coverage, wide access, and instant response regarding talent acquisition, thanks to a powerful product matrix of “Wechat mini program + Wechat official account + talent community + website +channel alliance + APP”.

Vertical Recruitment Platform
HR Partner Platform and Ecosystem

Build an end-to-end collaborative product ecosystem, to link government, enterprise, talent, and HR service agency, and achieve win/win for all parties.

HR Partner Platform and Ecosystem
Talent Brain Platform

Assist in talent introduction and employment for regional government and enterprises while enabling local HR partners via digital technology
and market-oriented operation.

HR Partner Platform and Ecosystem
What Sets us Apart
What Sets us Apart
  • Specializations in Industry + Function + Economic Circles

    With over 26 years of dedication into niche domain and field, we can offer the most effective talent solutions, with a good understanding of talent requirements across major functions, industries and regional markets.
  • Leading candidate sourcing centers in Asia with expertise in program management

    With more than 600 experienced consultants based in Suzhou / Xi’an / Tianjin / Dongguan / Chengdu,China, and Bangalore, India, we deliver as many as 1,200 large multinational and local recruitment projects every year, and enable our clients with quick, efficient, and reliable talent services.
  • Global Talent Acquisition Capacity

    Leveraging on our expertise in acquiring talents globally, we recommended 3,000+ international talents successfully to 80+ clients overseas covering 36 countries and regions. It has strongly supported Chinese firms to win the global talent competition.
  • Recruitment Resources and Channels

    We manage an excellent talent database of over 10 million active candidates, and use a leading CTS system, middle platform and consolidated hiring channels to complete a quick search for talents.
  • HR Tech R&D and Innovation

    We integrate new technologies like AI with human resource management experience, and keep increasing investment in technology R&D to further empower our clients. We have a team of 300+ technical R&D experts from leading Internet companies.
  • Talent Market Research

    Help enterprises and governments to develop effective talent strategies, and candidates to achieve career progression, with in-depth talent market insights.
Clients and Testimonials

Nearly 16,000 firms used CI’s SaaS and platforms.
Apart from servicing KA clients, CI has developed novel HR
tech product to satisfy the needs of long-tail customers in
regional markets, and has kept startups,state-owned enterprises
and central SOEs, government bringing in new client group.

We are the preferred partner of more than 5300 MNCs, China’s Top 500 companies, startups, and government agencies, with repeat business accounting for 75%. Many of our clients have used our services for over a decade.

We really appreciate your team's tremendous efforts over the past year in facilitating our needs for temporary employees and interns. Your dedication as a professional service provider has left us thoroughly impressed with respect to your profound understanding of our job requirements, effective and efficient résumé recommendation and the follow-up after interviews.”

—— HR Manager at a global leading retailer

“With your support and tremendous effort, 83% of the project had been completed by the end of August. You closed 136 positions for us within 3 months. It has proven to be of great help to the launch of our new brand nationwide. So, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to your team, especially for your emergency demand response ability in this project.”

—— HR Manager at a global milk powder brand

“The uniqueness of various positions in the R&D team makes direct talent recruitment an arduous task. Thanks to your persistent efforts, a great number of excellent candidates have joined us, who will support the business development and reduce the pressure on us. Hence, let me take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks!”

—— Director at RD Center of a world-leading PC manufacturer

“It has been a pleasant experience working with your company. Initially we were not sure if we would be able to complete our recruitment goals, but as time went by, we gained more confidence because of the positive results. Thank you again for your hard work and patience.”

—— Global VP at a Fortune 500 healthcare company

“The consistent and excellent RPO service from our partner, Career International, has accelerated the transformation of our HR role, enhancing the relationship between business units and us.”

—— Senior Staffing VP at a Fortune 100 manufacturing group

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