Leading recruitment platform for digital tech talents

Shuketongdao is a vertical recruitment platform specialized in digital technology. By leveraging the technical resources accumulated by Career International in more than two decades, it is the preferred partner of advanced enterprises in industrial digitalization, industrial Internet and other technology domains at home and abroad.

Reach candidates precisely with private domain traffic
Cooperate with prestigious universities of science and engineering nationwide, to “link enterprise with talent” directly for tech companies we serve.
Intelligent matching tailored to diverse recruiting demands
Use the leading intelligent job-candidate matching model to promote an effective two-way link between enterprise with candidate, and become the recruiting aid who “knows you best”.
Closed-loop recruiting to assist enterprises in reducing costs while enhancing efficiency
Provide comprehensive services for employers in job ad release, resume screening, and talent evaluation, to save recruiting costs while improving efficiency.

Team Strengths


years of journey to gather abundant digital tech talent resources in private domains


headhunters specialized in digital technology


clients in long-term partnership

Product Functions

One click release

Focus on talent recruitment in digital technology

Provide recruiting service exclusively for technologically advanced companies & SRDI enterprises (those which are specialized, refined, differential and innovative), with specialism in digital technology;
Gather private domain traffic of millions of digital tech talents.

Professional guidance of the job ad release

Pioneer in recruitment template in digital technology to have more efficient release of job ads;
100,000+ personalized labels in digital technology to demonstrate the competitive advantages of enterprises.
Intelligent matching

Joint efforts in talent recommendation and screening

Business consultants help enterprise one on one to get registered and release hot job openings quickly;
1,000+ headhunting specialists offer candidate real-time advice online to secure high-value talents for client precisely.

Effective talent matching with the aid of big data

Leverage the precision analysis and similarity identification of big data to build talent pool effectively for business;
Intelligent matching of similar positions to realize a faster access to high-quality digital tech talents.
Instant communication

Real-time communication to facilitate interview efficiency

One click login in all platform including web, mini Wechat program, etc. to achieve accurate matching and reach ideal candidates quickly;
Talk with candidates online and learn the progress of recruitment in real time.

Wise reminder to avoid missing out information

In time alert to avoid missing out information from key candidates;
Use the terminal tools of SMS, email and phone to have an overall control.

Applicable Enterprises

SRDI enterprise

Enterprise in digital transformation

Industrial Internet & intelligent manufacturing enterprise

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