Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Career International pioneered the RPO service model in China in 2005 and created an industry benchmark and service standards. We provide end-to-end, partial, or completely customized RPO solutions for corporate recruit needs. We can develop your recruitment strategy, optimize your recruitment system and process, upgrade your talent pool, increase your recruitment channels, and enhance your employer brand. Our full-process channel management can help enterprises build a robust talent supply chain and achieve their business objectives.


Traditional recruitment model cannot quickly adapt to a surge in talent demand due to business expansion or transformation

With more companies entering new business fields, expanding into new markets, or transforming their recruitment and management structure, there is a surge in talent demand for several positions that are difficult to be filled in a short time.

Limited recruitment resources, channels, systems, and capacity

Channels: Enterprises using traditional recruitment systems merely rely on internal referral or some hiring portals; Resources: the quality of candidates varies, especially with respect to high-demand talents in professional and technical positions; System: unable to intelligently manage the recruitment process and conduct data-based recruitment result analysis, and lacks novel tools; Capacity: high investment required for developing an in-house recruitment team and capacity, but with limited return on investment.

Lack insights into talent market and expertise in developing a recruitment strategy and system

It is urgent for enterprises to develop an effective recruitment strategy and manage their fluctuating talent demands in accordance with the real needs of the company, the industry, and the entire market, to ensure sustainable business growth.

Weak employer branding

Some enterprises have not developed employer branding awareness in their talent acquisition process. With a weak employer brand and average compensation, it is challenging to recruit high-quality talents in the face of fierce competition.


Target Management System

Understand client needs

Clarify the project process

Set rational goals

Process Control System

Utilize internal and external channels

Improve recruitment process

Monitor recruitment progress

Data Management System

Adopt recruitment systems

Analyze recruitment performance

Evaluation and Optimization System

Advise on project optimization

Evaluate client and candidate VOC

Train recruiter and interviewer

Leading candidate sourcing center in Asia

We boast a team of 300+ specialized sourcing consultants and handle 500+ large multinational and domestic recruitment projects annually. With strong partnership with leading service providers in consulting, channels, tools, and other niche recruitment domains, we can meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Collaboration between onsite consultants and sourcing consultants

We have established a “front-end & back-end service model”, where our on-site consultants and sourcing consultants work together to fulfill client needs and push the project forward. At present, we have more than 150 on-site consultants with strong industry experience and specializations in niche fields.

Integration of multiple recruitment channels

Our independently developed ATS system can manage various channels including the internal recruitment team, headhunter and other talent agencies, internal referral, website, and active applicants, based on different business scenarios, and generates recruitment efficiency assessment reports.

Enhance employer brand

By leveraging the built-in advantages of our RPO solution for employer brand promotion and its full-process and channel-based management, we can conduct consistent employer branding communication throughout the recruitment process, whether it be agency recruitment, campus recruitment, etc.

More added-value services

We provide clients with insights into the local talent market, with information about compensation, perks, industry trends, etc. We also empower an increasing number of Chinese firms with our expertise accumulated through our cooperation with large multinational companies and established brands over the years.



Over 3,000 employees in 100+ global offices offering talent services to our customers

Preferred partner of nearly 6,600 clients inlucding MNCs, fast-growing Chinese firms, state-owned enterprises, government agencies and NPOs

Our SaaS and platforms linked more than 25,000 firms, and operated 142,000+ positions in the last year

Recommended nearly 20,000 mid to senior-level managerial and technical candidates to clients, and assigned temporary workers to about  369,000 jobs

Career International Talent Trends & Salary Guide 2024

Career International Talent Trends & Salary Guide 2024

Launched in the 12nd consecutive year by Career International, the survey covers 62 niche areas of 18 hot industries and job functions, and lists compensation information of 3,300+ mid-to-senior level management and specialized positions in tier 1 and 2 cities. Also, it includes insights into 7 most promising and dynamic city clusters and 3 overseas markets. Based on the data of 1200,000+ candidates in our talent pool and opinions of 80-plus veteran consultants, the report sheds light on the new trends of talent market across different sectors with specialism and hands-on experience.


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