HR Planning and Consulting

Leveraging 28 years of expertise in talent recruitment and management in China and overseas, we provide HR management consulting and program design covering HR management diagnosis, strategic planning, organizational structure, salary/performance benefit system, training system, employee incentives, remuneration and equity incentives for executives, etc. We also provide management consulting for recruitment, e.g., recruitment process and system, shared service center development and employer branding to improve clients’ hiring efficiency.

Business Structure
HR Planning and Consulting
Research services
Standardized services
Customized services
Industry report
Targeted salary research
Customized job research
Talent mapping
Business problem research
Market insights
Consulting services
Job grade design
Job value assessment
Salary design
Performance design
HR status
HR system
Long-term incentive design
Recruitment process
Organizational structure design
HR efficiency improvement

Mapping – Talent, Structure, Salary, Business

Applicable business scenarios: Strategic consulting service, HR consulting service, high-end headhunting service.

Conduct targeted analysis of the business status, HR status, organizational structure, salary system, etc. of the companies, departments, and fields that clients are interested in, and solve the problems that clients encounter in the process of setting up business and recruiting talents.





Recruitment Consulting

Corporate pain points

Low hiring efficiency
Ineffective hiring team
Recruitment cost control

Design and build recruitment organization structure

Recruitment team KPI design

Recruitment budget management and cost control

Recruitment channel optimization and development

Recruitment process analysis and development

Recruitment Process Digitalization

Internal HR system is outdated

Upgrade recruitment system

Make HR work paperless

Build HR data management platform

HR workflow needs to be digitalized

Select recruitment system

System technology is underutilized

Corporate pain points/requests

Recruitment process digitalization

Career International Talent Trends & Salary Guide 2024

Career International Talent Trends & Salary Guide 2024

Launched in the 12nd consecutive year by Career International, the survey covers 62 niche areas of 18 hot industries and job functions, and lists compensation information of 3,300+ mid-to-senior level management and specialized positions in tier 1 and 2 cities. Also, it includes insights into 7 most promising and dynamic city clusters and 3 overseas markets. Based on the data of 1200,000+ candidates in our talent pool and opinions of 80-plus veteran consultants, the report sheds light on the new trends of talent market across different sectors with specialism and hands-on experience.


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