Career International: Digital Talent Management Empowers the New Economy Worth of Trillion Dollars

2021-01-06 11:26

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“To be or not to be, that's a question.” This classic monologue from William Shakespeare's Hamlet four centuries ago describes exactly the dilemma enterprises face today on their track to digital transformation.
Predictions go that China's IT spending will reach $1.3 trillion during 2019 and 2022. And according to official data, digital economy will generate over 65% of China's GDP by 2022. With the market potential of trillions of dollars, digital transformation is no longer an option but a must for enterprises.
Companies plagued with 4 challenges: talent shortage, cross-border recruitment, cross-region recruitment and digital management upgrade
A recent survey shows the shortage of digital talents has been displayed in three ways. First, there is a short supply of talents with top-notch digital skills; second, there is a short supply of crossover talents with digital expertise and industry experience; and third, the training of junior digital talents cannot keep pace with the growth of demand. These problems have posed a serious challenge to the digital transformation of enterprises.

Apart from structural shortage of talents, enterprises are also faced with cross-border and cross-region hiring tasks in their quick business expansion. The increasing company size and more diverse employees call for an urgent digital upgrade for human resources management.

Digital talent solutions: industry knowledge, digital solutions and integrated sourcing services

For enterprises, digital talent acquisition starts with the building of talent pipelines, where the internal and external resources should be made good use. While for talent sourcing service providers, they should know the industry well and collect massive talent data. It could help enterprises find the right fits efficiently and get updated quickly about what’s trending now in the domain.
Then it comes to digital solutions. With the rise of tech startups, unified digital management tools become indispensable for enterprises. Against the backdrop of complex talent management and high-volume HR information with diverse sources and multi-party coordination, established digital tools lay a foundation for efficient human resources management.
And last but not the least, for innovative enterprises business development has always been the top priority of the company. Yet they are not advised to simply rely on themselves to achieve the recruitment, management, development and retention of talents. Due to the rapidly changing external environment, companies need an agile organization, flexible and responsive to business needs. Therefore, enterprises shall evaluate the integrated service capability of digital talent management solution provider when selecting their partner.
Therefore, the one-stop talent solutions providers represented by Career International are leading a new generation of talent management services. As to CI, the company is devoted to HR tech development with years of industry dedication and expertise. They are building the business ecosystem of “Tech + Service”, by launching tech products of SaaS strategic talent mapping, SaaS remuneration and SaaS resume management, as well as niche online hiring platforms. In this way CI will empower the digital transformation of enterprises with experts in the field while achieving their digital transformation.