We Organized 2019 Spring Outing — GO FUN!

2019-05-27 18:24

In the May of 2019, Career International organized spring outing — GO FUN at different offices to embrace the season of color and hope. And we thoroughly enjoyed it!

In Beijing, the team spent the afternoon on exciting game playing and rainbow run/walk, and enjoyed an amazing time together. It's so great to embrace the season of color and hope in this way!

'GO FUN' at Beijing

While in Shanghai, the Caterpillar Race, Tower of Hanoi, Tug of War and other awesome indoor games got our team to connect and collaborate with each other better. Also, we invited a special guest Gary Watson, Chairman at Investigo to join us, a really great time together!

'GO FUN' at Shanghai

Other offices also enjoyed a joyful gathering!

'GO FUN' at Suzhou

'GO FUN' at Guangzhou & Shenzhen