Bringing in: Introduction of High-end Talents from Overseas

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2020-05-10 15:35

With economic globalization, international competition is becoming increasingly fierce and there is an urgent need for innovation. All enterprises, especially the innovative ones, hope to achieve key technological breakthroughs and lead the development of the industry through the introduction of experts in this field. More and more strategic companies have spared no expense to extend their olives to overseas intellects, hoping to retain high-end talents for the development of enterprises. The introduction of overseas talents is of great significance to enhance their competitiveness.

Overseas Talent Acquisition — Career International Assisted a State-Owned Enterprise in Recruiting a Top International Tech Expert

A large state-owned national telecom provider planned to recruit the world`s leading tech-experts in the field of telecommunications out of needs of development.

The candidates were expected to work in China at least 9 months every year after joining the client, with strict requirements on their working background and expertise.
The client didn’t have sufficient databases resources, effective channels or experience to recruit top talent from abroad. 
The recruitment process had lasted for almost 2 years, with several rounds of reviews from client`s and other parties.
The huge gap between State-owned enterprises and overseas culture and mechanisms brought major concerns to candidates.
Most of the qualified candidates were already married and were worried about the quality of life after returning.
Our high-tech and overseas consultants clarified the recruitment direction after analyzing the situation and rationalized that the working time in China every year was a key factor. We targeted 300 overseas colleges and universities, where professors could avail one year of paid leave if they had worked there for 6 years, but such benefits were unavailable in Europe and Australia. After a lot of data analysis, we selected our target candidates.

Through multiple channels, we established a continuous process of contact and developed trust and friendly relations with candidates. Actively delivered customer information to candidates thereby earning patience and confidence of the latter in the long run. We also provided a detailed talent report to our client in the meantime. 

We provided candidates with information concerning the employer’s business strategy, culture and compensation, as well as that about tax consulting, Chinese work ethics, etc.

We offered consultation and consumer reports on housing, schools for children and any other concerns candidates might have regarding accommodation and settling in.

We successfully recruited two experts of Big Data Scientist and Chief of Wireless Network Data within 2 years. 
We offered executive search services during the process, which marked an important step in recruitment innovation.


Overseas Talent Acquisition — Career International Found An Optical Expert for A World-Leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Manufacturer
A world-leading unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solution manufacturer, hoping to further strengthen its R&D capability in aerial photography, was in search of an expert in optics from across the globe.

The customer was already the leader in its industry. Because of the fierce competition, it hoped to find a core R&D professional from a top company in consumer electronics, R&D and manufacturing of camera lenses or chips and semi-conductor industries. The candidate would need to be proficient in the development of core technologies in optics. Qualified candidates were mostly from overseas companies.

Foreign candidates lacked in working experience in China, with poor understanding of the development status, business model and management styles of domestic enterprises. Also, they fell short in terms of understanding Chinese cultural identity.

Customer hoped the candidate would agree with the company in terms of cultural values and thought patterns. The candidate would have to be able to pass the test based on the company’s culture and current news before going into the interview stage. Many candidates were not able to proceed further than the test stage.

HR was required to follow through all the stages in the recruiting process and was thus unable to make point-to-point information sourcing for any specific individual. Also, HR lacked resources in the relevant fields and was unable to provide sustainable and powerful support towards recruiting.
A senior adviser clarified the needs with the customer’s HR: based on camera technology development characteristics, the consultant confirmed that the core requirements of the candidate’s capabilities were proficiency in image recognition algorithms, optical components and principles as well as camera design; based on the customer’s need for company cultural integration, we clarified the requirements for soft skills and values.

We introduced to the candidate the strong development of local enterprises and the customer’s world-leading position in the industry. The differences in working cultures of domestic and foreign companies were analyzed and the “young, innovative, striving” spirit of the client was passed on to candidates so as to improve their understanding and acceptance of the company culture.  

We highlighted the core status of the optical R&D position in the customer’s technical field and introduced the customer’s team of highly educated elite members, pleasant academic atmosphere and the high-frequency of technical and cultural exchange opportunities.

We provided advice and suggestions on tests for the candidate to ensure a pass, driving forward the interview process.

We compared other offers for the candidate and assisted in analyzing the huge development potential in the customer’s industry and advantages in salary among other domestic enterprises.

Meanwhile, we actively recommended the candidate’s wife for job opportunities in China to support their career and family planning, alleviating concerns of relocation.
An optical expert was hired from overseas within 2 months.
The candidate passed on internationally advanced concepts on camera optics R&D to the customer and promoted the development and release of the next generation product, enhancing the overall competitiveness of the product and the company.
The customer was quite pleased and satisfied with our services.