Going out: Talent Acquisition along the "Belt and Road"

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2020-07-14 15:48

In recent years, more Chinese enterprises have embraced globalization. And motivated by the initiatives of “Belt and Road”, a large number of Chinese companies have expanded overseas through R&D and manufacturing centers building, direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, etc. In this process, an international talent team has become a key factor in supporting the company's globalization.

Hiring Challenges and Solutions with Prestigious Chinese IT Outsourcing Company

It was a leading Chinese IT Outsourcing company. The company was expanding their business in Malaysia as they had huge clients based there. With that, they sought our assistance to recruit or hire mainly new technology developers with official certifications as demanded by the market. 
Due to it was a niche and latest technology in the market, there were a lack of certified talents as required by the client. 
In particular, the client insisted to have Chinese candidates with the certifications who were even less. Many Chinese candidates found were overqualified and beyond the budget. 
The turnaround time from Interview stage to Offer was long, which took at least 3 - 4 weeks that led to high chances of candidate dropping out.  

We advised the client to look at non-Chinese talents with certification, as there were more talents in that category. 
When the customer insisted to get Chinese talents, we suggested them to be more lenient in regards to the certification. 
With that, the clients were more acceptable to Chinese candidates with or without the certification and they were open to the budget, as per the market. 
Due to the slow turnaround time for the offer to be made to the candidate, unfortunately they were one (1) drop out. We were not able to convince the candidate even though the client tried to counter offer. As this was a lesson learned by both parties, the next offers were rolled out faster and candidates were able to confirm ASAP - which took only 1 - 2 weeks.

The consultant was able to close 8 middle and senior technical positions within 3 months which supported the business expansion overseas of our client.
The client was more comfortable in giving us more roles for other IT applications / vacancies.