Booming “Industrial Internet” doubles demand for top digital talent in Malaysia

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2019-10-16 16:11

With the advancement of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and flourishing e-commerce, Southeast Asia has seen a surging demand for elite talents in E-commerce, Fintech, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and 5G in the past two years, resonated with the most active recruitment activities ever in those fields. It reflects that the vigorous “Industrial Internet” has become a new economic form in the region.

Hence, needs are rising for tech talents in Malaysia from local companies and from international businesses alike.
The Industrial Internet is the integration and linking of Internet with physical and industrial equipment. It includes Internet-enabled digitalization to pursue business model innovation and business size so as to generate greater economic benefits.

E-commerce could serve as an example, which now prospers in Malaysia with certain influence from China.

Industrial Internet leads hiring trend
In an interview with Nanyang Siang Pau, Celine Li, GM International Business at Career International, points out that Industrial Internet would lead the recruitment trends in SEA market, with Malaysia included.
“It has been noticed that there is a growing demand for talents in the field, which has increased by at least 200%. Besides Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and as far as India are becoming the investing destinations of enterprises,” Celine says.

Kuala Lumpur and Penang recruit the most
According to Celine, the annual compensation package for top talents in the information technology could reach up to $200,000 USD (840,000 MYR), and $150,000 USD (630,000 MYR) for high-end talents in the field of construction.
Celine believes the brisk demand for Internet talents could be attributed to technology advancement and BRI, which provides Chinese-funded enterprises the opportunity to expand their business outside China.
“An increasing number of Chinese companies turn their eyes to the overseas markets after encountering development bottlenecks domestically,” notes Celine. She also adds that Kuala Lumpur and Penang top the most active recruiting areas in Malaysia. They are home to as many as several hundred of talent agencies, though less impressive compared to some of Chinese cities, Beijing, just name one, which has over 1,600 players in the market.
And Career International, the first A-shares listed talent solutions provider in China, has aspired to grow into a global player since the first day of founding. The company now opens offices in Malaysia and Singapore to tap into opportunities in SEA, with talent solutions tailored to its major clients of local high-tech companies, Chinese firms investing in ASEAN and also those from the US.
“We have offered an array of talent services in the local market, inclusive of executive search, project-based mass hiring, as well as personnel outsourcing.”
Multilingual talents have edges
Regarding the talent flow in Malaysian market, Celine shows that despite all efforts of the government to train local workforce and to attract digital expert from abroad, the country is still facing a shortage of top tech talent.
While by contrast, China boasts a rich talent pool of digital experts across Asia due to its visionary investment into talent training in the domain.
Yet, Malaysia is advantageous when it comes to their multilingual talents proficient in Malay, Chinese and Tamil, plus the foreign talents speaking Japanese, Korean, Thai and Arabic. They could meet requirements on language from enterprises thusly.
“The language talent works to review the content on Internet, videos included. If client needs Japanese or Korean native speakers, we will go to their home country to recruit and then dispatch the talents to work here.” reveals Celine.
Motivated by “Belt and Road” Initiative and increasing overseas business needs of Chinese enterprises, CI has accelerated their pace in building global service networks, with presence across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. The company boasts a team of international seasoned consultants, who are familiar with the local talent market, compensation system, labor laws and cultural practices. It enables CI to respond timely to clients’ needs, and offer them useful advising and consulting services. Apart from that, collaboration between CI’s domestic and overseas teams has helped them locate the right talents quickly demanded by clients in their international business development. In the future, CI will work with more global partners to perfect their total talent solutions, so as to better serve their clients and candidates.
This article is translated and edited from the interview with Celine Li, GM International Business at Career International, first published by Nanyang Siang Pau.