2021 Talent Trends and Salary Guide — Global High-Tech Industry


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2021-03-30 15:20


Due to the Covid-19, governments in Asia Pacific have released stay-at-home order, which has affected local economic growth whereas stimulated the development of Internet economy. Especially in Southeast Asia, the Internet economy has significantly increased, with size expected to surpass that of the United States to reach $300 billion in 2025. Investors are cautiously optimistic about the prospects of local market, and investments in emerging areas like fintech, education technology, and medical technology are on an increase.

The rapid progress of Industrial Internet has boosted demands for high-end talents in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 5G, and E-commerce in the region. By contrast, there is a shortage of talents with relevant skills in the market, which makes digital skills training for local talents critical. With such training, it will also help talents land a job in the adverse employment environment.

North America

The global AI market is predicted to exceed $100 billion with a talent pool of 500,000 AI experts. Among them, one third lives in the US. Professional talents, stable investment, industry cooperation, and mature infrastructure continue to promote the high-tech industry in North America. Despite the economic downturn, companies in the local market still plan to increase investment in the emerging technologies. Computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition have become popular AI applications.

In terms of talent acquisition, local companies increasingly value the soft skills of talents, such as learning and innovation, problem-solving ability, and leadership skills. Meanwhile, they also pay attention to talents’ hard skills in technology application, data analysis and evaluation, etc. Generally, there is a rising demand for talents involved in Internet Technology R&D, Product Operations, Machine Learning, Data, Information Security, Fintech and Business Development.


In recent years, Europe has released favorable policies to advance AI and other technologies, like the “Digital Europe Programme” launched in 2019 to enhance its digital competitiveness in the global market. Compared to the global leaders like China and the US, Europe is also well positioned to develop and utilize AI and other cutting-edge technologies. All its mature internet infrastructures, solid industrial chains, outstanding higher education and strong R&D strength have laid a foundation for the development of science and technology in the long run.

Affected by the Covid-19, the high-tech industry in Europe is expected to slow down this year. Yet the market still generates a strong demand for talents involved in Data Analysis, AI/Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, Automation, and Information Security.